Should parents/people that smoke while in a car with kids/children have their children taken away from them for forcing their kids to breath second hand smoke?


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I feel if this is going to be a law the public should be made aware of it and the first ofense should be a warning, but no don't take the children any well meaning parent should not have to told not to smoke in a closed enviroment such as the car even with the windows open, but that gives the state to much lead way just to take a persons child there are larger reasons and they allow the parents to keep their children, for instance there was a female parent that was accused of molesting young boys and had to sign ever so often but was awarded custody of her own young boys in a court, so to take a persons child or children because of smoking with them in the car would be quite drastic...a warning would be fair the state and gov is already in our life and business enough this is just giving them too much authority.....
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But,what about the childs rights to have fresh air to breath and be able to grow up without the risk of developing cancer before the age of 6-8. Who do they complain to if the police can only issue a warning.what is fair for the children who can't speak up for themselves.just asking. Put yourself in the kids shoes for the first 4-5 years that they have no voice to complain with.
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I can not give you a rating because i have apparntly reached my limit. So i give you 4 out of five stars ****.
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Yes. Many of these kids end up asthmatic, or with bronchitis as well as with heart problems and the parents are like, "I open the windows, its okay". I think that their lungs are more susceptible to disease and as parents we should be held accountable like with everything else.
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No, you should never take children away from loving parents. What you have to do is educate the parents. Roy Castle, a British entertainer died from lung cancer despite never having smoked. What he did do was perform for years in smoke-filled theatres and clubs. Second-hand smoke is a killer.
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Exactly. Parents/adults do need to be educated about forcing children(other people) to breath second hand smoke.5 out of 5 stars *****. Since apparently i have went over my limit again.
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Have heard about or know about the foster homes now days, they take the kids for money but the child is no better off than had they been left with their biological parent, they don't encourage them to go to school, because they have no interest in anyone prospering because they themselves did not finish school nor did any of their own children, so what would the state do with these children, I still say that is giving the state to much power and no don't take children away from their parents
nettie commented take from one of your statements you and I and everyone else that pay taxes would be paying for these children, perhaps something should be done but not take the children from their parents...
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All the research seems to be suggesting that second hand smoke is killing a lot of nonsmokers a study was published very recently in a British Medical Journal .....I think
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No, I dont think their kids should be taken away, but they should receive a fine, BECAUSE THEY ARE SMOKING IN A CAR!! Whenever I see someone smoke I am always wondering what they are doing with their life to turn to such a harmful drug!

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I think taking the children away from them is a little too drastic, but I do think that something should be done. It's not fair to the children.

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First smoking is bad and 2nd if you are in the same cars as the children and you smoking inside they probably will breathe it and it depends the direction of the wind

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