Should I Hit My Child To Discipline Him Or Her?


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Hit your kids when they are bad, but make sure that they know that you love them and that your a person they can come to in a time of need or a person that they can look up to
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I think that hitting a child to discipline them can work.

This is because
1)- they know if they do it again they'll get hit.
2)- they wont want to get hit.
3)-if you leave them, they'll think, oh cool mum or dad wont do anything I can do what I want when I want and how I want.

It might be painful, but it does work.
If you do do it, remember don't overdo it as it wont help, once you think your child has received the message to stop what they were doing then stop.

But again, if your child is a child who does what you say when you say, don't bother with hitting them, just tell them you don't like it, why you don't like it and you'd appreciate it if they stopped.
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No I don't think hitting children ever works.

Sometimes parents do smack their children but often regret it straight away.
Hitting a child doesn't achieve anything positive and teaches the child to be violent too.
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Hitting a child is not very much good, but for keeping them in discipline, sometimes it may be required. By punishing them, they have to understand what is the mistake they have done. You are able to explain the reason to the child ie the mistake which they did.
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I think you can discipline a child without hitting them. I never did because I don't believe in hitting anyone.
I, personally prefer to talk to them and let them explain to me why they did what they did and then I tell them it was wrong and I explain to them why it was wrong so they won't do it again. And instead of hitting them, I take something of theirs that they really like for a while, depending on what they did or if they were suppose to do something they love doing, they can't do it anymore and they can't go to that place they really like, and let me tell you that it works at our house.
I'm not saying that it works for everybody, but it does at my house.

It takes a lot of time and patience sometimes but it's worth it and they learn at the same time.
I don't want to teach my children to hit, so why would I hit them?
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If you raise a child only hitting them as punishment then you can expect for them to become VERY Viloent later on in life. Do you REALLY want your child and teen behind bars for abusing some one you might be good friends with?
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Physical punishment has always been a method of teaching people a lesson. The lesson is that if you do or don't do something that the punisher says, they will use their physical strength to strike you, hurting or humiliating you, often in public situations.

However, when a child learns right and wrong under the threat of violence, I wonder if they are actually not learning right from wrong at all. What they are learning is to fear the violence and when that fear or reality is not present, the child has nothing to teach them right from wrong.

The child also learns that control can be achieved in a situation by the use of physical violence against another. This has proven to the child its effectiveness. The more violence, the more pain, the great the control, also it teaches them that people can be controlled by the threat of violence and pain.
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Hitting children is not useful to them. If you really slow down and think about it, the logic is quite ridiculous - that somehow a child who is crying because he's frustrated and tired, or feels very angry and yells insults, will be made cheerful and obedient by having somebody hurt him. The reason hurting children inspires short-term obedience is simple: It makes kids afraid of their parents. They don't feel safe enough to reveal the fact that they are angry or sad or tired; they know that if they do their parents might snatch them up and smack them painfully. Smacking kids makes the parents feel better, but not the kids. And you'll notice that people who argue for it draw arbitrary lines between "hitting" and "spanking" and "smacking". They say that's it's necessary for kids who are particularly headstrong or hostile. Again, it sounds ridiculous to me. Do these parents really believe that one child is capable of using words but the other is so stupid and primitive they must be whacked like cavemen? Because that's what is sounds like. If a parent does anything purposefully to hurt their child - anything, including spanking, insulting or humiliating him - it is abusive. I'm sorry, but that's the end of it. The idea that if your hand lands on their bottom or their hand or not on their face it's not hitting is completely untrue. Hitting is hitting. Hitting is ABUSE. Hurting your children is ALWAYS wrong, ALWAYS harmful, and ALWAYS frightening, be it bottom or hand or face, with a palm or angry words or a belt. It teaches children that the world is frightening, hostile and untrustworthy, that they themselves are not respectable or intelligent enough to behave themselves without brute intervention, and that rage and abusiveness is a valid and ordinary way of dealing with things that make them unhappy.

In summation? No, it is NOT okay to hit your child to discipline them. Ever.
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STOP! Breath in---- breath out---- in----out---in---out------ ok.
Relax~~!!~~~~+!~~~~~~~ look at your child~~~~~~~ do you remember that by hitting your child will only make them feel left out.
Just tell then "no, darling please don't do that." They will learn better that way if you just tell them. Hitting them will only cause other problems when they grow up... Breath ~~~~~in~~~~out~~~in~~out~~~~in~~~~~~out...
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Don't agree with your logic against smacking, I find it quite inclusive but do agree that having little devils means breathing becomes very very important as does counting to anything from 10 to 100000.

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