How Can I Discipline My Child?


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Disciplining a child can be a lot harder that it comes across on Supernanny, so the first thing to do is accept that everyone struggles when it comes to keeping their kid in check.
Discipline is all about setting boundaries. Although your child might not understand it, boundaries are there for our kid's protection. When we say 'don't touch this' or 'don't do that', there is usually a very good reason.
To make discipline effective you will need to:
  • Set boundaries
  • Ensure there are consequences to breaking boundaries
  • Stick to your guns

How to discipline my kids No parent likes to seek help when it comes to their kids behavior- but admitting there is an issue can be an important first step.
Children are energetic, mischievous, and boisterous by their very nature. Discipline is the only way to curb bad behavior and is really important in teaching them wrong from right.
It is important to be consistent when disciplining a child. If you say 'No', then stick to this and encourage all other adults in the household to do the same.
This will ensure that the child understands the boundaries you have set, and the reasons behind them.

Disciplining children

A 'naughty corner' may be a helpful discipline tool. This is where your child has to stay for a minute or two if they have been naughty.
Carrying this out may be hard for you, but you need to help your child realise that if they are naughty, the consequence will be time in the naughty corner.

Finally, even if you are in a bad mood and have had a very bad day, don't take it out on your child.
If you do, they will get confused about the boundaries you have set.
It is important that your disapproval only comes as a reaction to their misbehavior, and that good behavior is rewarded and encouraged.

Having said that, we're all human, and you'll definitely loose your rag at some point or another.
If you do snap at your child or are cross with them, calm down for a minute and then talk to them, apologise if required and explain why you may have been annoyed. But always be fair and always be consistent!

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