Is There A Higher Percentage Of Ill- Discipline Teenagers Than Those That Are Well-discipline?


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That is SO true, I was just saying that today in fact everyone now suddenly has A.D.H.D (or to me L.O.D. Standing for lack of discipline)!. But most of it is just one big excuse saying they're ill. Don't know which would be the higher percentage but I was very well disciplined, my (adopted) Dad made sure of that!, he was the disciplinarian and I was loved but also disciplined. Sounds harsh but if I disobeyed him I would either get a smack (ALWAYS bare bottom)! Or he would rub my bottom with a sheet of sandpaper. It hurt and then I was stood in a corner hands on my head with my poor, red, burning little bottom and I knew that was what would happen if I dared disobey him. Some of the people we knew had Daughters/Sons who behaved unacceptable though, they swore and cheeked off whereas I said "yes Daddy" and "I love you Daddy"..which I did, I was forever giving him hugs and kisses!.
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Nowadays it is a fact, we have given the last generation the excuse of A.D.D. And have turned out a bunch of social degenerates. Thank God my mother disciplined me or I would have been just like them.

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