Should Parents Be Punished For Their Children's Mistakes?


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Yes, parents who do not teach their children right from wrong should be punished for any wrong-doing . If more parents would raise their children correctly , there would be a lot less petty crime in the world, .  You often find these parents, sitting in a Church all smiles, most Sundays .
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I think that parents should be punished for their childrens mistakes. If they are still under age! Of course they should! Besides children of to days world are paying for their parents mistakes everyday. So why not? Society in a whole has made it easier and easier everyday to leave our children alone to raise and fend for their self's. "what a mistake in its own right. I might add". So yes! Parents should have to be punished for their childrens mistakes... Best wishes, delilahs2
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No, parents can teach their children right from wrong but the choice is up to them. Kids do pay for the parents mistakes and that's a shame but we need to remember who the adults are.

Parents cant sit on their kids 24 hours a day.
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Yes pf course they should be punish.They should also be realize that when they scold  or punish us what kind of feeling we had?Once they should be punished.
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