How Should Parents Behave With Their Children To Improve The Childrens' Growth?


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You not only look after their academic development, but also look for creative and practical knowledge. See that they never fear to say any thing before you. Try to be friendlier towards them; share all your personal feelings with them and encourage them to do the same. Put concisely, children should be eager to come home and tell you everything and take help from you. To mould them in such a way, it's your turn to take the first step.
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Firstly, Parents have to take good care of their children by providing them nice friendly atmosphere at home.

Secondly, Parents behavior with their lovely children is also very friendly, polite and nice so that children may grow in proper manner without any fear.
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According to ancient Indian scriptures, a child should be loved up to the age of 12. From there onwards up to the age of 19, they should be strictly disciplined. After that they should be treated like friends.This is supposed to be the best way to bring up your children.

Though, I personally feel that there can not be any generalisations in this domain. What is most important is that, the parents must spend quality time with their children to understand them properly.Once this is taken care of, I am sure each parent would know what is the best thing to do, in any given situation.
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That would make an 11 year old feel terrible. I'd been loved all my life and then got disciplined, i'd feel awful.
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They should behave as they want their children to behave. If they want their children to be helpful and polite, they should be so - ESPECIALLY towards their children. They should not be bullying - unless they want their children to be bullies.

They should treat their children as if they are real people - whatever their age. Ask them what they want, heed what they say, never put them down or use any sort of physical violence towards them (unless they want them to become manipulative and violent).

They should read Elliot temple and Alice Miller and Steve Hein.

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