How Can Parents Motivate Children To Study?


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One way to motivate children to study is to arrange situations in which they can put their newly gained knowledge to practical use in everyday life. Many educators have discovered the importance of practical application of school work. Efforts have been made to combine theory with actual work. Students are periodically sent out to places of employment to put acquired knowledge to use. Similarly, parents can give their sons and daughters different tasks and responsibilities.

When it comes to some foreign language, arrange for the children to use it as much as possible. Perhaps you could take them to places where the language is spoken, ask them to translate clippings or quotations in that language, or invite to your home friends who speak the language.

For practical application of mathematics, children could be encouraged to keep a personal account book, to total receipts in the household, to calculate the costs of certain repairs at home, and so forth.

For reading exercise, parents could have their children read aloud to them. Some youngsters have gained much happiness and practical experience by reading to blind persons and others unable to read for themselves. One father has his daughter regularly read study material for him on recording tape. Then, when going to and from work, he listens to it in the car on his cassette recorder.

Many parents have found it good to let their children do manual work and thus get used to handling tools. Such practical application of knowledge contributes toward the development of the mind.

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