I hurt my leg and toe and I told my dad and he just walked away like he didn't care :( I wish my mom was home :'''( why is my dad so mean?


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Have you ever thought that your Dad may have lot's of things on his mind and just doesn't have the time at the moment ? I doubt very much whether he meant to sound mean to you. He cares more than you think. He quite possibly had a bad day. It happens. It will be fine in time. You'll see.

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I wouldn't quite say your Dad was being mean but may be old fashioned and doesn't know what to do here exactly. Many men were raised to suck up injuries and deal with them yourself instead of being a cry baby. So he may lack the Maternal instinct that Moms have for first aid emergencies and like the others said, he saw no real broken bones or cause to call 911 so just walked away. 

Ask your Mom about this when you get a chance.  Sorry for the injury and hope youre ok

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Sorry, guess being a Medavac/Pilot in Vietnam conditioned me to seeing real emergencies and owies
Arthur Wright
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Thank you , guess Im tired or my pain meds are taking effect so sorry I misread your comment and I appreciate it
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Honestly ... He likely checked it out, saw no bones were sticking out and you weren't bleeding to death, and you were walking fine ... And figured it didn't need medical attention.  He also probably figured you learned a lesson and won't do whatever it was that caused you to get hurt ...  Or you didn't and will keep getting hurt until you DO learn. 

Dads are like that. 

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I would imagine he could judge by your behaviour and the looks of your injury that nothing was broken ... And doesn't want to 'baby' you by making a big deal about it.  You're not a 5 year old any more .. And as many times as we stub our toes, smash our fingers, skin our knees, it isn't the end of the world.  Probably just bruised up a bit and obviously not life threatening .. And you will survive until your Mom gets home and SHE can make a better diagnosis about whether  or not this is a serious matter. Until then, wrap it in a cold cloth and rest.

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