why is my mom no better than my dad?


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Grow up. Stay out of your parents business and learn to appreciate what you have.

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It sounds like you think you have been treated unfairly.  Perhaps you have.

I had a mother with a cruel streak.  My dad really didn't know what to do to protect me from that.

At no time in my life however, did I ever regret that I had been born---and I turn 72 next month.

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Thank you; Thank you.
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Although mothers are sometime considered the glue that holds the family together..... however, fathers and mothers are considered equal parents when raising a family. Parents, (father & mother), have the authority to make the rules and express their love by defining the rules and the consequences of disobedience however, rather than force the child/or children to obey, parents should teach them how to benefit from doing what is right. A home in which parents love and respect each other is an excellent environment for a child to grow up in. Good parents who love their children will give them the best guidance that they know.

Raising a child and/or children in today's society is not easy. Be patient with your parents (father & mother), because.... a parent's love is unconditional, they are going to love a child /or children, when they are wrong or when they are right.
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@Concern Wright

You apparently are not familiar with child psychology.

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