What Would You Tell Your Mom And Dad If You Could, When You Were First Born In Order To Make Your Life Easier/better Than It Is Now?


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I would probably tell them to GIVE ME SPACE! Lol actually I would tell them to teach me the value of money and that the easier the money comes the easier it goes and last would be to teach me how to be more independent
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Rather tough one here, I would probably like to make sure that I knew there was no alcohol consumption. I would like to be able to know that they would have instilled more knowledge for attaining a better work skill for my career. I think I have found that niche now, but it would have been nice to have a little more guidance in that area.
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I think I would ask for the work ethic to be installed. To have been briefed a little better about the importance of it all-- I'm such a slacker. I always just knew I'd be ok- I'd get along somehow... Now at 40, I'm waitressing (still). I work in fine dining and do really quite well, but I work hard. If I'd had a little more guidance in the work importance- school importance end--- I'd be a senator somewhere
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Sounds like you have some ethics, after all. Else you really would be a Senator! Nothing wrong with waiting tables, you know. It's honest and helps people. Maybe a bit hard on your feet. But just be thankful you're not stuck in the hot kitchen like the dishwasher is.
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DON'T name me APRIL anything but APRIL...... And by the way mom and dad please invest in Microsoft...lol
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"Could you please:

(1) send my older sister back
(2) send me to learn to swim classes
(3) get counseling about Dad's experiences as a Prisoner of War in WWII
(4) don't send me to piano lessons with that ogress who abuses her son loudly while I sit embarrassed and scared in front of the piano.
(5) celebrate my birthday occasionally with a party for my friends
(6) be nice to my brother.

Thank you mummy and daddy".

In other words, what I have learned that I wish I had known to begin with, but which they never had any hope of modelling to me (given their own life experience) is that it's better to talk about things and deal with them out in the open, than sweep them under the mat or pretend difficult situations don't exist. If you deal with things openly you have a chance of resolving them. If you avoid or deny them, you become their unconscious slave.

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Love,patients, honesty,care about learning disabilities,don't put a child in adult situations ,don't be negative
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I wished they told me more about drugs . I was a crack cocaine addict for 15 years of my life. I wish I had people whom I could trust to tell things to like I am now. Sometimes people you think are your friends turn out otherwise. I think a little more attention to God and his help would have been appropriate also.
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Dad, I will never forgive you for beating mom senseless during these last nine months. Mom, I will never forgive you for drinking and doing drugs during these same nine months. While I'm glad for the liberation the adoption agency has given me, my only regret is that I don't have your names and addresses. So you are safe. Happy new year!

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Having just lost my mom last March, a flood of things come to my mind.  But, I'm going to leave them there.  I hope you will respect this decision.
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I respect it, but did you ever think it could help not only you(a release) but others that read your answer.....?

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