If you could change ONE thing in your life, what would it be?


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Brittany Schlatt Profile
Not to be bipolar.
Tom Preston Profile
Tom Preston answered
Not going on to further education, then I wouldnt have to work the hours i do to earn a decent wage
Richard Scott Profile
Richard Scott answered
My financial situation.
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Deston Elite answered

My tobacco addiction. I like the nicotine high I get from it. It's just if I wasn't using tobacco I'd be so much better off.

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Deston Elite
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I kinda did. I do chewing tobacco more instead of smoking, because chewing tobacco has more nicotine for me. But I tried vaping already and it just doesn't give me the nicotine high. That's what I like about tobacco: the nicotine high.
Deston Elite
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So what type of vape thing am I looking for? Is there a specific brand?
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Joe B. answered
I would change my financial situation.
I feel it would behove me to have more money LOL

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