If You Could Change One Thing About Your Physical Appearance, What Would It Be And Why?


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Jim Witness Protection Profile
I would like to have and arch in my feet. I have the flatest feet on the planet, so buying shoes is a pain in the ... Foot. But, at 6'5", if I had an arch, I probably would be 6'7", which means I would have hit my head on that many more things.
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carrie commented
Oh, i feel your pain with the flat feet! I used to have the best arches and the Army stole them away from me! I think I spend more on shoe inserts than socks.
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Paula Ortanez answered
I'd definitely change the shape of my face. I'd kill to have a small, heart-shaped and flawless-smooth face--almost like those Korean girls'.

Acceptance and Contentment is very important for each of us to appreciate what we have. However, most of the time our minds are just influenced by the factors we see on tv, magazines,newspapers..among others.

Ohhhh... How I wish I had been born looking like Kim Tae Hee or Kristin Kreuk...Whew.

But it's nice to know that no matter how goddess-like your physical features are, it always comes down to a person's ATTITUDE. =)
Sara Beth Jones Profile
Sara Beth Jones answered
I think I'd get my boobs done there's nothing like a new set of breasts to give a girl confidence, my next door neighbor had it done and now all she ever wears is a bikini and a straw cowboy hat, she looks so great!
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carrie commented
Oh yeah, I'd have my boobs put back where they started...
Michelle New Zealand
Ha ha ha, I just had to laugh. Celticgirl couldn't be more right. I never had a problem when it came to the size of my boobs but I would like to have them back where they started as well, haha
May I 4th that!?! Lol
Josh H Profile
Josh H answered
Hmmm...one thing...thats hard seeing as there are multiple things i would like to change. I guess i would change my scrawniness, if that's a word. I would change that because i have always wanted to be big, but i only get stronger when i workout, i never build any muscle mass.
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Stephen Antonelli
You can build muscle mass by working out harder and having the proper diet to feed the muscle. I've seen some people who think they are scrawny bulk up into some pretty big dudes.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
My tummy, it is normally flat or near flat, and since the doc upped the seroquil, I am putting on weight, and now with quitting smoking, I am going to really pack on the lbs. Lol I hate it, another reason for walking around the cul-de-sac all the time. Lol
helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
Just ONE thing? That's a difficult question, Nassy. The hard truth is I would change my mother for one that gave me confidence in my looks instead of undermining me "never mind - you're the clever one." Well whoop de doo, that's just what a teenager wants to hear, isn't it?
The straighforward answer would be that I'd have my nose shrunk a little bit, or my chin a bit bigger - whichever would best solve the mismatch!
Miguel Calixto Profile
Miguel Calixto answered
I will definately go with the fat and also with the muscle thing just to impress the ladies and help carry heavy stuff
Wesley Profile
Wesley answered
I am 6.1 and 175 lbs , so the only thing i would like to change is my age but i would like to keep my knowledge . I guess i cant have it all .
Jo W. Profile
Jo W. answered
What an interesting question, Nassy.

Well, I could say that I'd like to be taller, smarter, or prettier. Maybe rich, more affluent, or not have MS, but then I wouldn't be where the Lord put me -- exactly where I'm supposed to be right now.

I have a loving husband, a great kid -- excuse me, a lovely young lady for a daughter who is smart, works, goes to school, doesn't ask for anything and admits that the older she gets the smarter I am.

I have a roof over my head, my car is paid off, I don't have any real debt and I don't have to hurt anyone to prove myself (ha). I also have a really wonderful companion in my little Boston terrier, who I like to call my little therapy dog.

Yes, there are times when I may not like this reality much, but I'm happy, really happy. So folks, I've been too blessed in this lifetime to want to change anything.

Thanks for asking such a great question, Nassy!
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Wow...I love this part: "admits that the older she gets the smarter I am." U r lucky...[[[hugs]]]
Jo W.
Jo W. commented
And I've got it in writing. AND she signed it! It's a card that will hold up in any court in the land! LOL
John Profile
John answered
Just for fun - only for health reasons i would like to have my maker fix all my physical flaws so i can play again without getting tired or hurting..give me a flat stomachacha(king of queens ref),new knee joints,new right foot(to fix after effects of stirrup fracture),new lungs to give me back lung capacity taken by breathing welding fumes,and give me better than 20/20 vision,oh! And a full head of hair(not that i am balding, but it is starting to get there),,,,,if man is going to fix it i don't want anything fixed/changed.....God is the original manufacturer and nothing works like O.E.M. Parts...besides if i changed anything then i would not be who i am right now(i guess that is why they say you can't change the past but you can sure try and work on the future...just my 2 cents later
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Wow! What a fantastic answer my friend. [[[applause]]] & thank you for putting things n2 perspective.
John commented
Where is the balloon underneath the air conditioned bib coveralls....new space age designed expansion pack coveralls they'll cover any blow out....unlike these cheap copies....oh! One more- husband has sympathy weight gain during wifes pregnancy...oh! One more- husband wears pregnancy coveralls to learn how his wife feels(wears them for all nine months)...
Lololol...u r a hoot! [[hugs]]
carrie Profile
carrie answered
I had to give this some thought since you asked ONE thing...and you said PHYSICAL appearance...so I'm going to go with my midsection. I've been working out like a monster at the gym (when I haven't been at school--and yes, summer is FINALLY here for celticgirl) and though I'm looking better and feeling GOOD, the gut is just not moving. 3 kids and 20 (25) years of not enough exercise have taken a toll on my midsection. But I AM going to keep at it and I AM going to change it. Without surgery, Without crazy diets and I am going to look GOOD. But even more important, I am going to FEEL good. (But I sure wouldn't mind a couple more inches too--when I was 12 my dr told me I was going to be 5'10"--I barely grew another inch after that and I topped out at 5'5". But since I can't change this, I'm going with what I can change--and I can always find some young, tall, courtesy clerk to reach those tall shelves for me at the grocery store...)
Jodi Something Profile
Jodi Something answered
I would get a nose job. I grew up in a family of 7 kids and everyone of us had 1 main thing that was teased by the others in the family. Siblings can be so mean. So I guess I pick my nose. Lmao!!! I am so funny. I actually have been living with it so long that I would use the money on a vacation or something.lol
nettie Profile
nettie answered
I guess a few inches in height would not hurt but it has been good to me so far, nothing else is bothersome so far except the glasses in the summer, but I would not be able to put contacts in myself, so I guess I'm stuck, other than that I guess I'll keep the me I am...the best to you
natalie johnson Profile
natalie johnson answered
Wow you have a lot of answers here.
I would change the fact that I have to workout regularly to keep in shape. I get in waves where I don't want to workout for a week or two and then it shows in the mirror. It would be nice to not have to work so hard.
Rebecca Quick Profile
Rebecca Quick answered
I think I would most definately want to be taller; probably about six or seven inches taller. I am not quite five foot; sometimes it can be a pain. Although I've heard the same thing about being tall. Being a women there is always something I would like to change about myself; I could make an entire list. It boils down to being happy with yourself and excepting yourself for who and the way you are. I believe life is all good we just have to see it.
Nathan Corrie Profile
Nathan Corrie answered
Lose some weight but I suppose that's a 'given' for many of us. The thing I would most like to change is not exactly physical, although it does have a physical source - it's my voice. It sounds OK in my head, but when I hear myself on tape or video recordings (which of course is how I sound to other people), I mentally cringe !
Tessa Profile
Tessa answered
It would be my eyes.. My eyes are small, and dull, and they always look in pain HAHA, my friend has these gorgeous big brown eyes that are the EXACT colour of milk chocolate, they kind of glow.. And they seem really deep and when u look in them u just feel all happy, and she has these really long eyelashes! I think anyone would agree those are pretty awesome eyes!
Shayne  Chapman Profile
Shayne Chapman answered
Well i weigh somewhere in th 130's or 120's and i would like 2 lose some of this exrta belly fat..or some of the fat around my theighs would be nice...wel i guess we cant have everything we ask for huh? If i could change anything else it would probably be my voice so it would sound like me on tape or something.when i listen to my voice on tape i sound like a boy....well there's my answer
james caison Profile
james caison answered
My toenails, so I wouldn't have to trim them with a machete!!
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OMG.....I was very curious to read ur answer...now I am not so sure that I should've been...lol...thanks sweet♥!
martha Profile
martha answered
I would have liposuction and some dental work. I do not like my profile and after 2 pregnancies and 4 surgeries, the mid section is not what it used to be
Brandy Price Profile
Brandy Price answered
I am only 4ft. 11. It's sad that I can't even say I make 5 ft. I would definately change my height, because it really gets annoying when you can't reach something. Also my husband is over 6 ft, so it would certainly even things out a bit.
elaine Profile
elaine answered
I would definitely have to say my weight i am so tired of getting short of breath just tying my shoe laces up
Mary Ann Cassidy Profile
I would like to have thick, curly hair. I have fine hair, and it's a pain!-Takes too much time to make it look nice, and I'm always in a hurry!
James Wheeler Profile
James Wheeler answered
I would change the fact that I can't grow hair right below the bottom of my mustache because I want to grow a fu-manchu that isn't broken.
tinga nih Profile
tinga nih answered
Im fat so.. Trimming all of it will be great!!.. Hahaha im okey with my face.. Lol and boy you height??.. Haha i don't think its possible now.. But maybe soon.. =P
Michelle New Zealand Profile
Wow Nassy, one thing is not nearly enough for me, I really neeeeed to change a couple of things starting with my height. I am 5.1 and would like to add another 7 inches so I can actually look people in the eyes when I tell them what to do or to tell them to go to hell, but then again big poison comes in small bottles so maybe I should keep my height, haha. The thing I need to change the most of all is my feet, I think I got the smallest feet on earth. Everyone always tells me that I got the cutest and smallest feet but I don't think it is cute, why, because I can never find shoes that actually fits me. The children's shoes stop at number 2 and the adult shoes start at number 4 and I wear a number 3, so when I eventually do find shoes that actually fits me then I buy enough of them in all kinds in colours because I don't know when I am going to find shoes that fit me again. I never had any problems with my looks, I feel that as long as I am happy with my looks then I can care less what other people think. I would like to have better eye sight and there is a operation that I want to get, because with this operation I won't have to wear glasses again but I am dead scared of operations and hospitals although I am working in a hospital everyday of my life, haha. I had great legs but because I am so busy I don't have much time anymore to go out for my daily runs and therefore are busy loosing the muscles on my legs so would like to keep them but without all the pain and suffering haha
lance holder Profile
lance holder answered
I don't think that i would change anything about me because god made me the way i am for a reason. But if i did have to change something i would make myself more buff(stronger).
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
If i could change on thing i would lose like 20 pounds cus i am feeling really plump!!!
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
I would like to reduce more of my weight to another 10 Kg's. I am already 10 Kg's down. According to my weight I should be 65 Kg I am 75 Kg now.
yeahsure linda Profile
yeahsure linda answered

I had an incident 10 years ago when I got badly injured, I broke several teeth. So getting those fixed would be the only thing. I've never been much for being fake or even wearing make up.

Mike Profile
Mike answered
4 me, I would like to gain 10 lbs because I'm almost 5 ft and only weigh 80
Deston Elite Profile
Deston Elite answered

My facial hair. Seriously, that's the only problem I have with my appearance: The way my facial hair grows. When it comes to underneath my chin, it grows in some places and not in others.

otis otiscambell Profile

At 53 I went thrue every change in life so im happy with who I am im broken down old need some new legs and a new back

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