If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life, What Would It Be?


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patricia wease Profile
patricia wease answered
I would change all my bad habits and be a better person
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Rena Chisholm answered
There is only one thing I would change in my life.
It would be to heal my body, so that I could go out and play with my grandchildren again.
Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
I would change my partner. I would turn him into a patient, courteous, kind, affectionate and sensitive person with True Love for God. If I couldn't do that, I would have his jaw wired shut.
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Rath Keale
Rath Keale commented
Just dump the guy and get a nice little dog who loves you all the time, no matter what.
Mouse or Nette Profile
Mouse or Nette answered
I don't think there's very much I would change actually.. I wouldn't want to risk any of the biggest parts (my family) with paradox..  I would say that I would like to have avoided the first and worst car accident that did in my spine and created the downward mess it became.. BUT.. It was that injury and that accident that through off my ummm Timing.. Causing me to become pregnant and giving me my greatest gift.. So be careful what you wish for..
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
I simply love these questions. Coming to answer, I would reverse those incidents that are now cause of my life-long depression. I would have changed my lifestyle to more healthier one from my school days & would like to have six packs in my early teens. UF!!!! SO, many of them, I already demanded for too much.
Jamillah harris Profile
Jamillah harris answered
I would loose one hundred pounds.Start going to church.and just be with the first man that I see a future with.
It's Private Huh Profile
If it's not about life, then I would have liked to change my school... At least I won't have this much troubles as I am now in.
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
I would like to change those events which are now resulting in disturbing me a lot. Instead of bearing all of those bad events secretly, I would share them & resolve them. How I wish that could happen OR at least those extremely horrible problems could be solved now. Zexion, My Friend, a nice question to make my heart feel a bit light.
Janet Profile
Janet answered
Oh boy..1) Bring my Dad back
  2) A FUll Recover> God hears me and I know in my heart he is listening.
  Just like someone else said feel better so I can watch my 2 grandaughter-. 2 times a week as I was doing.
  3) Recover to be a cuddler and everything else I was doibg before My life was put on hod ( for awhile) because I will overcome.
:) Try and smile and laugh more often
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
If I could change one thing in my life, that would be I had made a big mistake 4 years back in selecting my partner, I would have changed her loll
Danielle Liberty Profile
I have wanted to meet you, tiggers mom! "I like this question..I would study real hard and get a scholarship to a great college."
Shefali Singhal Profile
Shefali Singhal answered
I would like to go back 6 months so that I can repair a big mistake that I did some days ago.I think that I would be very happy if I had not done that BIG MISTAKE!******
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Rena Chisholm
Rena Chisholm commented
But we always learn from our mistakes sweetie, so try not to let it get you down. It happened, can't change it, but you are wiser now. Right?
Glen Thornbury Profile
Glen Thornbury answered
My violent nature as a child, and not learning the ABC phonics, because I caught everything in the world with my sisters working in a doctors office in the First grade!
Jeannette Reyes Profile
Jeannette Reyes answered
I would go back to May 15, 07 the day I gave birth to my little Jorge Reyes Jr. Because when I had him I was on so much medication because of the c-section that through the whole day I felt like I wasn't there, I had no strength and felt like passing out:( Well my pregnancy was very complicated my water broke at 15 wks and @ 22 wks I was hospitalized 2 hours away from home with no one to stay with me. I carried my baby with no fluid up to 32wks. I started to go into labor and he started to go in distress with every contraction so they decided to do an emergency c-section. Since my platelet count was low I had to be put to sleep and no one was allowed to be with me. So like 7 hrs later they told me to go to the nicu that my baby was not going to make it so I saw him for the first time and held him but with all the pain medicine I just couldn't focus and understand everything that was happening. So from that day I tried to reply those last moments while I held him in my arms and seen his precious face and I just wish I could have spent more time with him and been more focused
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Chris ????
Chris ???? commented
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry for the terrible predicament you had to face. Just remain strong, not just for your sake but your family and friends. 5/5 stars!
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
Yes I answered this question long back to one of the other blurter's question, anyhow I will answer again loll.
If I could change one thing in my life, that would be I had made a big mistake 4 years back in selecting my partner, I would have changed her loll
Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
My first thought was that I would change the family that I grew up in because of the sexual, physical, and mental abuse. I am who I am because of these things. I guess I would change what therapist I went to first. I'm getting great results with my current therapist. I'm taking back my life little by little.
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Chris ????
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That's the spirit. Strenth is a friend in hard times. Stay strong for all of us! 5/5 stars!
John Profile
John answered
If I could change one thing I would have stopped eve from eating the forbidden fruit and giving it to Adam. Then all these things would be null and void, because we would still be perfect and live in paradise.
I would travel back in time to the day of my stroke & would not have allowed my dr. To change my meds. So that I could speak again!♥
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David C
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Wow everybody blames the doctors.. why aren't doctors respected like they used to be?
moodie madd
moodie madd commented
Sad story. By the way thisismyac people do respect doctors, just not when they have made a huge mistake by changing someones life in a bad way!
Jeannette Reyes
Jeannette Reyes commented
my dad had a stroke when i was about 9yrs old it was the hardest and saddest thing that ever happened to us because he lost his speech and lost some of his memory.This was hard on us as young kids cause our father didn't remember who we were. It hurt me to see him like that:(..I remember going to school everyday crying for my dad and just hoping he'd get better. I just want to say that I can really feel you, I know how hard it is and I know you must feel like you will never be the same again but this is a new beginning for you and just try to make the best of it;)
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
I wouldn't want to go back into the past (mainly because I wouldn't want to relive that again) but I could change anything I would be my lack of confidence.  I am probably the most insecure person in the world and I have tried just about everything I can think of the shake that feeling but still am unable to do so.  so I think that's what I would change.
David C Profile
David C answered
Don't think I would change anything, I've been through a bit in life and learned from it.  I wouldn't be the person today if I hadn't done the things that I had done in the past.
michelle Profile
michelle answered
If I could go back I would go back about a year ago when I made a mistake of going with a guy. I would never have done that if I would have known how life would be now. Yes I have learned from it but it still hurts every time I think about it now.
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Anonymous answered
Stay yourself as you're now. The question implies you've never been in the right "me" but paradoxically, you're also never in the wrong "me". You are YOU all the time and it's best to be wise enough to accept that you have only one life God has given you, and thank God for it.
Winter Profile
Winter answered
I wouldn't change anything because if there was something wrong with my life God wouldn't have given it to me.

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