Why Does My Boyfriend Take His Anger Out On Me?


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Generally, people take their anger out on other people when they are struggling to deal with their own emotions.

Everyone does this to a certain extent, but it is really important to draw a line between what is acceptable and what is not.

Why does my boyfriend take his anger out on me?
I think all of us are guilty of lashing out at people in anger or frustration without meaning to. I can certainly remember a couple of times where - after a tough day - I may have been a little rude or short with my partner.

In my opinion though, there are two points to take into consideration:

  • If your boyfriend respects and cares for you, he should apologize for snapping at you when he's calmed down.
  • Your boyfriend should know that, no matter how angry or enraged he gets, there are limits to how he can express his anger.
This second point is really important.

Guys who can't control their temper
Whilst most guys are perfect gentlemen who are only interested in looking after their partners and treating them with respect, there is unfortunately a handful of guys who seem to think it's OK to take their anger out on women in a threatening or abusive manner.

This type of guy probably has issues of his own that he is struggling to cope with (maybe he feels inadequate or frustrated in some way) - and, because he's too scared to face up to his problems, he uses the people around him as scapegoats.

How to deal with a violent partner
If you feel as if your relationship is slipping down that road, I'd recommend getting out of there - fast!

Guys who can't control their tempers have a habit of doing really stupid things in the heat of the moment -  and this could lead to you being seriously injured or even killed if you allow it to go unchecked.

Whilst it might be difficult to leave a man you have feelings for, you need to look at it as part of his healing process.

He will never realize he's got a problem until you put your foot down and say enough is enough.

If he's able to reform and prove he's got his anger under control - then cool. If not, you're better off without him, trust me!
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He's a controlling idiot and you need to get out of that relationship ASAP.

If you do not you, could end up being one of the unlucky ones and that is something that you do not want to put your family through.

He's not worth your love and you deserve so much more!

If you must, call the police and say that you are trying to leave and your boyfriend will not allow you to leave and is threatening you.

But only do that if he is there and is being this way.

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