Why Does My Boyfriend Shave All His Pubic Hair Off?


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I don't know - ask him! There are plenty of reasons why people like to shave, trim or wax their pubic hair.

Personal Grooming
Sometimes it just feels nice to be smooth all over - I love how soft my skin feels after a wax, and having body hair just annoys me and makes me feel unkempt and scruffy. It doesn't bother me if other people have it, though. Your boyfriend might just like the feel of not having any pubic hair.

Oral Sex
Many guys believe that they're more likely to get oral sex if they've shaved or trimmed their pubic hair. It's true that tidying up excess pubic hair is more considerate for the partner, as nobody wants pubic hair in their mouth.

Quite a lot of guys shave or wax in porn movies, so if he's relatively inexperienced in the bedroom and all his knowledge comes from porn, it's likely that this has skewed his views on what's normal.

Optical Illusion
Apparently, if a guy shaves his pubic hair, his penis looks bigger. I suppose this does make sense in a way, but without comparing before-and-after pictures, I doubt anybody can confirm this!
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For me when I shave my shaft and balls it feels so much better when a female gives me oral
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Who knows. There are lots of boys that do that, though. I guess they don't like body hair for some reason. Does he shave it all off?
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It feels good and makes his penis look bigger. It also feels better when you suck and touch him.
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So when girls shave their pubic hair off it makes their yoni look bigger and fell better when you lick and suck them?

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