I'm a 14 year old boy and I shaved my pubic hair, but not all of it has grown back. I just have like a little really short bit, I had a huge bush but I shaved it because it was itchy. Is it bad that my pubic hair hasn't grown back?


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If you shave your hair—no matter where it is on your body—it'll grow back eventually. Don't worry!

How long it'll take to grow back depends on how far you are into puberty, and other biological factors. You might find it itchy or prickly for a while, but that will soon go.

It'll probably take about a month, maybe more, for your hair to reach the length it once was.

Men and Pubic Hair Removal

If having hair down below really bothers you, and you don't like shaving, try trimming it instead. This seems to be more popular with men than shaving, as it's less irritating when it grows back, and you're less likely to accidentally cut yourself with a razor.

Women who don't want hair and don't like shaving tend to wax, but it's less common for men. This is probably because it's more painful, although some men still do it.

If you're only fourteen, I wouldn't worry too much about all this yet. I'd just wait until it's grown back and make a decision then. It's your body, so you can do what you like with it—don't shave if it makes you uncomfortable!

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