Why Does My Boyfriend Choose His Friends Over Me?


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Guys who spend too much time with their friends are often looking for something they feel that they don't already get in a relationship.

Or at least that's what many girlfriends all over the country are thinking.

The truth is that there are a million and one reasons why a guy might be spending time with his crew, rather than with you - here's a list of the 5 most shocking reasons:

Why he's not spending enough time with you
1. Guys get together to get drunk and hit on other women. There's nothing to say that this is what's going on (unless you've got the evidence to prove it, don't go barking up this tree), but you should be aware that it is something that does happen.

If you're worried that he's doing the dirty whilst he's with his friends, then why not drop by and hang out with them 'impromptu style'?

2. Drugs and drink. If he's not at home getting wasted with you, it's very possible that a guy is going out to enjoy mind-altering substances with his mates.

If he comes back home looking hazy, and with dilated pupils, then there's a good chance he's on crack cocaine and heroin.

3. He has a secret family. I once worked with a girl who was seeing a guy who never took her back to his place. Every time they needed to go back to somewhere for 'coffee', he was conveniently cat-sitting for a friend of his.

In the end, it turned out that he had a wife and two kids.

If your boyfriend is constantly excusing himself to hang out with friends you've never met (or who may not even exist), then there's a good chance he's going back home to sit around a table to eat a roast turkey dinner with his wife and kids.
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Well, I can tell you that boys and men are immature. They always want to look good in front of their friends. I had that trouble before. If he prefers his friends, than tell him to stay with his friends.
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Your boyfriend is not ready for commitment yet. It is good that he goes out with his friends and you should go out with yours too. Seems he considers you as just a friend and not his special one.
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My fiance works leaves at six and I understand he need to relax after a long day at work but he comes home late or at times he doesn't. Till 9:00 next morning I cook ,clean,make his lunch,iron get his clothes layed out and ready each morning and take care of his needs.

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