I love my boyfriend but does he love me as much as he tells me he does? How can I know?


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Honestly?  You can't really know the answer - only time will tell.  You and your boyfriend are complicated human beings at the start of a wonderful adventure called life and so much can affect your future.

Did you ever play picking the petals off a daisy?  He loves me - he loves me not - and the one you end up with is the answer?

Maybe that's one way of finding out! 

I think there is a better way - look for clues - be a love detective!  But remember even if the clues all say YES - He loves me - they could still be wrong. 

What should you look for?

  • Does he do nice things for you?
  • Did he introduce you to his friends?
  • Has he taken you home to see mom and dad?
  • Does he surprise you with small gifts?
  • Does he pay you compliments?
  • Does he laugh at your jokes?
  • Is he willing forgive your mistakes?
  • Does he understand that you are complicated?
Cher said  "Is it in his kiss?"  I think you can look for another clue in your intimate moments - they should be special for both of you.  And lastly......

  • Does he envisage you both together in the future?

Have a look at this video for some more ideas- I think it's quite good!

Have a happy relationship!

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