What is your fave part of dating a guy?


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Kiara Harris answered
Just having someone around all the tim through good times and bad...like a best friend :)

oh and HUGS!

I love hugs and haven't had any for about 4 months D:
Sara Schwebel Profile
Sara Schwebel answered
My favorite part of first dating a guy is when we are both to shy to reach for the others hand. When everything is still knew and every time he starts to talk my heart beats faster. Dressing up to look pretty for him cause its just fun sometimes. My favorite part of being my boyfriend's girlfriend is the fact that I don't have to try to look pretty for him anymore cause he always thinks I am pretty no matter what. I still do but it means a lot to know i don't have to. The moments where he just looks at me in the eyes with this amazing smile of pure happiness and i can't tell what he is thinking but then he tells me how beautiful i am and i know he really means it cause there is no way anyone could lie with that look. The safeness i feel from just laying in his arms. How we can just be comfortable with each other.
Brittany Schlatt Profile
When you first get to talk to them and meet them. You both get all giggly and laughy on each other when asking questions. It's fun because it's all right to mess up on the first date.
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Cheating on him
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Not cheating on him being happy and understanding,and not being lonly cheating is the last thing you want to do in a relationship it just cause to much pain on both ends.
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Being loved you and him getting to love each other like cuddling, kissing, making out ect
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leeanzia answered
When you kiss them for the first time and then when they take you to meet there family thats when its a bit weird
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taylor answered
Haha.feeling very loved and safe.and knowing they will always be there for you.ha.
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Maxine Chan answered
When I meet them, how they make me smile and giggle all the time, how they give me hugs, say I love you at the right time, and how they are always there when you need them..  I wish I was in a relationship right now.

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