My friend is a self harmer and she told me not to say anything otherwise she will end up back in therapy. I saw her leg today, it is really bad. Would I be a bad friend if I told an adult? Or would I be a bad friend If I didn't say anything?


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It is a very fine line as to telling someone about it.

I think that when a person does harm to themselves.

That is a call for help.

But! The person does not want to seem weak/helpless because of either what they went through before.

I think that if are a true friend you will see about getting help for her.

She may not like it.

But! The other is not pretty either!

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Lloyd Walsh
Lloyd Walsh commented
Yes if it was me in your position about your freind self harming I would certainly tell an adult maybe she really needs to be back in therapy cause she obviously needs help
Suasan reed
Suasan reed commented
I did mention it to an adult and they dealt with it very seriously. thank you everyone. It just took me until the the 20th of March though. Am pleased to report she is getting all the help she now needs.
Lloyd Walsh
Lloyd Walsh commented
Susan great news that's nice to know ty :)

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