I feel really irritated and stressed I feel like I'm going to burst out and cry at any second I'm angry a lot, I'm always, just so confused What's wrong with me, and is it something I should tell an adult?


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Matt Radiance answered

Yes you must talk to an adult.

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

Yes..you may be pleasantly surprised to find they too have probably felt the same way when they were your age. Most people have. There are many things that happens in the life of an adolescent.. Emotional, spiritual, hormonal plus the added stress of trying to find your way in a very complicated world. Reach out .. And hopefully you will gain some traction

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Tom Jackson answered

Yes---talk to mom or dad or a school counselor.

I'm sure you are somewhat frustrated and could use some indipendent perspective on what's happening with you that could make you feel and act this way.

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absolutely! Please don't wait to long to talk to a trusted adult. Never neglect the power of prayer. It will help to calm your nerves. I particularly focus son the book of Psalms. Chapter 34:18 tells us that god is near to those broken at heart and those crushed in spirit he saves.

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