I keep putting off work for school. But I have no interest in going to school anymore.I just want the year to be over already. I constantly feel like crying. I feel none of my work is adequate and I'm going to fail classes.What is wrong with me?


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Just challenge yourself to do better and apply yourself to your studies.

In 10 years from now most of the stress of this school year will be a distant vague memory.

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Some people prefer being inadequate. They prefer being homeless, poor, underachieving, and lackluster.  Think about that for a second. Do you want to be poor or homeless? If that doesn't make you feel anything, then obviously it's the life that you seek. So why fret about it?

However if it's something you don't want. Then obviously you should do something about it right?

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My boyfriend had your attitude and wound up repeating a grade. Don't be like that! Seriously, just think about your goals and it'll make it easier. Don't fret! And don't cry!

I'm guessing you're highschool. Cherish these years and your friends. Okay? :)

I just graduated and I worked hard to do so.

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