Well I'm 40 and divorced , I want to go back to school but I feel too old. i want to get a better job and be proud of myself but I'm afraid I'll get sick or something entering my 40s?


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I'm  not yet forty but I think starting over is so awesome and courageous at any age :) you should probably go back to school then :)

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am currently teaching a 47 white collar engineer how to skateboard during lunch. Recently he popped his first ollie. His dream is to one day unsuspectingly pop a trey flip in front of his little boy and his friends.

Well in case you don't know what a trey flip is.

Seems crazy right? But hey, there are people out there doing ridiculous thing. A 40 year old person going to school is nothing.

It's never too late to start anything.


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Seriously?  40's are still very young.  But normally, older students do great in college since they're more motivated to be there in the first place.  Don't let your age deter you from bettering yourself .. Ever.

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I went back to college in the mid 90s to take some psychology classes to help myself

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Well, if you don't go back to school, you can repost this question in 10 years and the only change you will have to make is to update your age to 50.

No change, no difference---except that you will be older.

For those of us (read: "all of us") change is a law of our being. Everybody is capable of changing if they choose to do so.


It takes two people to get married.  It only takes one of them to cause a divorce.  (No need to feel like a failure.)

Mature students tend to be more focused and motivated than younger ones and can accomplish more in less time.

You can do it.

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Anneof Green
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It will take years though.
Tom  Jackson
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It takes years at any age.

If you wait any longer, it won't take any less time.

Seriously, try it and start small at first if necessary---no major commitment. Education in general is useful. I've never studied anything that I didn't wind up using somehow and somewhere in my life. And I'm 70.
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

I got my BS Certificate in Paralegal at 45 years old and can  tell you that most Colleges and Universities have an easier grading system for us over 30, 40, etc as we have lost our study habits and usually have other responsibilities so the schools go easier on us than younger students and age is what it is and billions have gone thru it before you and will afterwards but we make the most of it and chase dreams we didn't accomplish yet and I know you can do it if you just believe in yourself.  Good luck and just do it

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I'm not a strong person and I don't handle stress very well. I haven't had much experience in life because I was a housewife for 17 years. I only recently learned how to drive.
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This ok as we all had to start somewhere and you really have a lot of experience here but now time has come where you just need to start over here. This represents change and change is scary to everyone but you need to make some goals here and go after them to rebuild your confidence and the rest will fall into place. the secret here is not to show others that youre under stress and are up to any challenge in front of you. If you need help or someone to talk to or use as a sound board, please feel free to contact me and Ill help the best I can and we can make this private if you wish
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You control this so you figure where you need help and we will work on it
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I get it. I really do. Change is hard. 

Instead of getting overwhelmed, start small. Take one class. I went back to college in my mid-30s. There were many classmates older than I was. I had one who was in her 60s.

You can do this. Besides as scary as this is, think how scary it will be to be stuck where you are at now. To quote the Nike ad...Just do it!

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They are dong good! Arabella is finishing a round of antibiotics though. Last weekend she apparently got bit by some kind of bug and it got infected, but it is clearing up nicely.
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Good to hear that :)
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You are right!

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