There is this guy online that I like. Please don't think I'm stupid for this, but I feel that I love him. But my parents won't let me talk to him bece he lives in another continent and he's black and I'm white. Is this a sin?


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Taylor Brookes answered

That is absolutely NOT a sin. Anyone who says that it is, is being racist. The only real issue here is that he lives so far away. Your parents are only trying to look out for you, and meeting people online can be dangerous. Try to understand the risks if you ever decide to meet him. Good luck :)

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sun flower answered

Hey, firstly i would like to say that black and white are less notice in the present day, well not literally but i meant as like many people do not care that much but i believe that there will always be those kind of peoples. And i personally don't think that this should be the issue for both you and him, as i think that love does not matter with age, gender, religion or even their skin colour. The most thing i would care about is the fact that you met him online, so i would be careful about that and not to trust people on the site, and i'm not saying that everyone is like that but it's better if you protect at first.  And no t=i don't think its a sin that both your parents and the skin colour is involve in this problem but its because in life there will always be an obstacle in our life and afterwards you will know the value of it, it's basically a lesson i think. I know its hard to go against your parents but it's really your decision to believe your parents or him. Good luck and remember if his that right one then eventually you will meet with each other once, so don't have to worry about it too much. :)

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