How To Deal With A Really Competitive Bestfriend?


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Its  her  choice  to  be  competitive
But  I  think  she  can  handle  things
if   you  see  people  talking  about  her
And / or  trying  to  be jealous  of  her
She  is  your  Best  friend  ,  tell  them in
plain  words  ,  Please leave  her  alone
or  you  will  have  to  deal  with  what  I
can    dish  out  to  you , If  you really
care  about  your  friendship  with  her
You   will  stand  up  for  her  ,  And  stay
by  her  side  through  thich  and  thin
no  matter    what  people  say
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Maybe you should just talk to her about it. She may not even care if the other girls get mad. And, if she does care, then she can deal with it by toning down or something.
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I had that problem. I realized she was jealous of me. So when I liked a guy, I wouldn't tell her! But basically:keep in mind that your friend envies you and you should enjoy that fact!
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Mmmm I guess you must tell her what would be the possible happen, after the competition. And she may get realize,,, then she will lighten her own mind.

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