Have You Ever Felt That A Best Friend Is Trying To Compete With You?


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I Actually Don't think I ever have cause my friends hate being competitive
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Oh my god I have the same prob I'm nine so she is so jealous of me nd told me not to be friends with someone I wanted to be friends with just because my friend hit her and thinks she's right and I saw her after school on the same day and she just comes up to me and like hugs me but hangs on me and she yells and is annoying sometimes and she criticises me but is so nice when she is it's soooo confusing but I just try to ignore or just compete so she can stop competing and noe that she can stop now and she shows off that she is a red belt in karate and is on the junior whatever team I don't remember what its called please help I have a question like this to answer please
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I wouldn't say they are trying to compete, I would say they look up to you and want to imitate you, I would take it as a compliment if everyone started dressing like me, you must have good taste in clothes
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Aww hehe yes that is a good way of looking at it...But its the other side of stuff that gets to me. We are both currently learning how to drive also, and i do feel that it is getting a bit too competitive, just a few comments..maybe im being oversensitive too! There is always that sense of competing. Plus i have recently graduated and still jobless!! Whereas..this friend who did not go to college etc is actually working and its not the best of jobs but still its another reason as there are always comments made like "hurry up and get a job!" which can be really frustrating even if it is said light hearted-ly (if thats a word lol)
Brat commented
OH YEs! She is really not my best friend but a CLose Flriend..
I buy a new blouse tomorrow she buys 2
by a new purse on a brand name tomorrow she has 2 of the same brand
i like yellow... She hates yelow..etc....

But i lean..its just that she loves the way i am!
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Oh yes! Not my best friend but a close friend! If i love yellow she hates yellow if i buy me a bran name purse tomorrow she gets 2 of the same brand if i wear my hair a certain way she says oh i had it like that yesterday. If i want to go to club.. She said oh i have plans to go to club.. If i say its quiet she says oh its so noisy.. She just likes to compete or give me the opposite.. I dont mind... It shows to me she likes the way i am...
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Yes. Twice. But I won at last of course! ;)
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Lol- explain?
Charming Gurl
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I knew someone will add this kind of comment but I can't explain the full thing for some reason! Hope you understand me. Anyway, if my answer isn't complete for you then you can rate me whatever I deserve.
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Na, never had a lot of friends, I am an individual, and I am too hard to duplicate. Lol

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