Have you ever felt completely hopeless?


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Oh yes, many times. Then I realize that what I'm feeling is depression. So there are things that I do for myself that help pull myself back out of it. 

I've been diagnosed with depression and I've been prescribed an anti-depressant. I decide if I need to start taking those again and then call my doctor, if I do.

Sometimes all I need to do is to write down everything that I'm thankful for. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, however, when you get into a funk and think that everything is just hopeless, it blocks your view of everything positive you have going on. I write it down so I can refer to it.

I call up my friends that are fun and bubbly and energetic and spend time with them. If you hang around people that bring you down while you're feeling down, it's not a good mix for you.

And, if I need someone to talk to, I find a counselor that can help me work things out. I usually need two or three times with a counselor - it's not usually long-term for me - just enough to get me over the hump.

I know me well enough and I know my depression well enough to know when to reach out and get the help I need when I need it. There's nothing wrong with that and there should be no stigma in reaching out when you need to.

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Thank you, Happy. I try to draw on my own personal experiences when answering a question like this. And no, Google would not even come close.
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Hopeless? Yep, but only once. That was early in 1989.

Don't ask, I don't plan to revisit it, but it was a pretty wretched time. However, as the man with kidney stones was correct in saying, "Even this shall pass."

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