Hey. I have a small problem here. My daughter has been acting strangely lately. I don't have enough time to follow her all the time. How can I control my daughter so that she does not offend?


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IF you really are that concerned, what could possibly be worth your time more then your daughter! Dump some of your social gatherings or dates or hours at work and PUT YOUR KID FIRST!

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I think you're a spammer, you and Arxair seems to have a lot in common when it comes to offering up websites to people.

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Your child is important , whatever is going on do it now. If you spare the rod , you spoil the child.

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Dances With Wolves
My mom never thought one time about using strict discipline and she meant business she never played no games :/
Dances With Wolves
Make time for your daughter , if she's offending people, robbing stores, using a gun on someone, bullying people online or school take control. You are the parent , she's not the parent and you need to show her whose boss. Like i said, my mom never was a bad mother but she held a strict discipline against us kids we never was bad kids me nor was my sister cause my mother kept us in line . It's best to take action now or later you will be sorry and you will end up paying the consequences later.
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as a parent, I perfectly understand your excitement and care. Neither way I do not advise to solve this problem by aggression (lock the house, try to learn something by force) Teens like neat cubs. You have in the settings that you live in Australia. You can safely apply adelaide private detective.I used their services and they did an excellent job, so I can advise!

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