I feel like I can't trust anyone. I have these great big dreams about what I want to do, but they're so out of reach. I work hard by myself so no one can see me, but I think I'm getting depressed. How can I find someone I truly trust and talk to?


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your question is a constant contradiction you say you want to find someone you can trust but you dont trust anyone you work hard by yourself but you have these big dreams in all honestly i feel like your someone who spends too much time in there head go out meet people meet lots of people then when you get the hang of it you can start vetting who you can trust with what as far as these big dreams good luck with that

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Finding someone you can trust is NOT an easy task .. I think we can ALL identify with that challenge.  Trust is not or should not be given without contest. You must pass judgement on someone before you honour them with your trust.  First you must determine of someone is worthy of your trust before you take that leap of faith.

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Dear Anonymous,

Try this: Just go to the places where people gather, people whom you appreciate, respect. Perhaps local book club, volunteering, bird-watching, hiking... Whatever you enjoy.

Then just laugh and talk casually with folks, share interests but lightly.... nothing deep. As you are around people over time, the connections with depth and trust will develop naturally.

* * *

Don't focus on relationships, don't push - just let them unfold uniquely and in their own time, while you are enjoying yourself.

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