What can I say to get someone to talk to me again?


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Matt Radiance Profile
Matt Radiance answered

It depends how you screwed it up  so your opposite stopped talking to you so you wanna make them talk back to you again!

Broken trust

Broken promise

Disrespecting & insulting

Lying & lying about lying

Doing something that you knew it might hurt them

all these list above, when they happen, it's not easy to heal the pain you caused. So it depends how you really screwed it up. And in general, (Time) time will make things better automatically. So just give it time as well.

Luke Reine Profile
Luke Reine answered

Just give it time :) Okay? ^^ if you said something that drove them away, they'll talk to you again... With time. If not and you're just being ignored, leave a nice message, maybe they'll see it? :)

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