This guys says he likes me & I like him but a while a go I really liked a guy and he cheated on me. I'm scared what should I do?


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Nice Girl answered

I think this time you should wait! Just wait and observe this boy, the way he acts, talks and all and then decide the right thing!

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Just take your time and see how things go. Don't commit to anything and really get to know him before you go any further. Even an old guy like me recently made that mistake and it was a disaster. You're young, take your time and find out exactly what he is really like.

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Danny danz answered

Continue with your current guy

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Sara Lewis answered

It's understandable to be scared. It can be difficult to get past somebody cheating on you, and not let it affect future relationships.

I think they key is to realise that just because one guy doesn't treat you well, doesn't mean that another will be the same. The problem is not with you, it was with him. It can be hard to remember that sometimes, but it's important if you are to move on.

If you like him, maybe try going a date and see what happens? Take things slowly, try something that's low pressure- coffee or the movies, maybe?

That said, it is important to look after yourself. If you're not sure that you're ready to take on a new relationship, then maybe you should spend some time on your own until you feel ready to trust someone again.

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