How Do You Tell If Your Man Is Cheating?


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There are a lot, but the biggest hint is that he "was working late." You should not jump to concludes though. So, what you should do is buy panties that are either too big or too small, put them somewhere and confront him about it. If he makes up false excuses, then find another man. Because you can do better than someone who is dishonest to you. Good luck.
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1. He makes exuses to hang out with you
2. He doesn't hold your hand
3. He doesn't tell you who he is texting
4. He doesn't kiss you.
5 he doesnt call you as much
6. He keeps secrets

this is some of the signs he is chesating hope this helps you a lot if not then I'm sorry
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See let me first tell you that there is no fool proof plan or technique of telling that a man is cheating or not unless you get irrefutable evidence. But there are some signs that might give you an indication if he is cheating on you. If recently your man or hubby has not been accounting for his actions and is always absent for obscure reasons best known only to him then you should become cautious.

If your man is suddenly obsessed with his physical appearance and is constantly trying to change his image then there is a good chance that he is straying. Next you can also get an idea through his history. If he has a past where he has cheated before then it is likely that he might do it again. Then if he doesn't spend any time but gives you a lot of gifts, it might be an act to salvage his guilty conscience. Thus there are several ways which might give an indication but as I said before none of them are sure-shot methods.
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Based on that alone I would not say that he is cheating, I think that he was hinting that he wants to have sex with you. He is trying to make you think that something is going on and to make you jealous, as a result you would have more intense sex with him more often in order to try to make him think that you are better then any other girl out there. It's nearly impossible to tell if your husband has been cheating on you without absolute proof. So unless he comes down with an STD or you catch him in the act, just mellow out and take his hint.  
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Honey I'm not sure how old you are. But men are very undercover they don't think they have to tell you everything like women do. Men have a funny way of thinking. Just go to him and ask him see how he react to your question. That right there will tell you everything. Men don't like to be caught off. They hate to have there hoe card pulled. He might not be cheating honey. Men will be men. GOOD LUCK HONEY!
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Check the call log both mobile phones and fixed , if he is making any kind of unusual calls to someone then you can find it there
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Well lets say if hes going to the store and don't come back the time he usually comes back, and suddenly when he does come back and you ask him where hes been and if he starts laughing then you no automatically that hes cheating in you..the reason why is because by him laughing thats a way of of him thinking of a big lie..
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You can never be sure until you do some investigation!! I would do some detective work myself lol. It sounds silly but it is the only way you will ever find out, I doubt he will ever come clean on his own!!

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