I ended my relationship bc i felt like he kept choosing everyone over me I cut communication but he keeps saying that he wants to be friends I want to get back together but I cant figure out if he is really done with me or just wants a break?


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Jaimie JT answered

Guys  don't really use secret code language like girls do:)

If we say " we still want to stay friends" it could mean all or none or some  of the following: 

-I want to stay friends

-Maybe I want you back in the future

- I don't want you to post " that" picture you have of me on social media so I'm trying to keep things civil.

- I wanna still be able to drunk text you if I'm bored at 1am. :/

- I still want you to bring me ice cream and or pizza  when I'm having a moody day .

- I don't want to give back any of your hoodies.

If a guy says he wants to stay friends ... It literally means he wants to stay friends ....or he wants you to be a booty call. So you should move on then :) cos I said so.... And keep his hoodies.

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What part about him wanting to remain friends confuses you? That does not suggest that he wants a romantic relationship .. At all.  Unless he is saying he wants to get back together in a commited relationship .. Then you have no reason to believe he wants one.

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Tom Jackson answered

If you want to keep romance (that special desire to be with someone exclusively) in a relationship, there has to be an underlying relationship to which you are both committed with the awareness that you will do what it takes to preserve and foster that "romance."

Without that underlying relationship, once romance "dissipates" for one or the other of the parties, you might as well try and catch the wind.

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