How To Make A Player Fall For You?


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Make sure that You look like your living a fun and fufilled life. Players like to have fun so if you show signs of this they will then be interested . Players often go for slim pretty girls depending what they look like.  Don't just give yourself away so easily ... Play hard to get boys like a chase . Then when he earns his trust you can go a little further but don't do anything unless you are actually dating ! And you shouldn't be having sex before marrige because seriously it's worth the wait!  Start to do fun things together .. If you see him look at another girl make sure you point her put to him or make it clear that you saw him check her out . Say something like wow she's pretty isn't she then he should be embarrased about it and look away and feel a little bad inside and to know next time not to do it . If he calls you don't always answer call a few hours later. The main point is to not make yourself so availablecoz they want things they can't have ! If you see or have heard of him hanging or flirting with another girl don't just assume he might just be her friend and it's really not sexy to start making assumptions and getting all emotional about it. If your worried just ask him nicley and calmly and look deep into his eyes and if he looks away straight away then he's guilty. Always turn up late if your going somewhere for example a party but if it's a date just between you and him don't be late . If you arrive late to the party or somewhere all eyes are in you and he will get the ego of 'she's mine' or if he asks you if your going to the party sometime say no I can't I have plans that will get him curiouus . Turn up to the party and without him seeing you come up behind him and hug him from behind and he will be really turned on. This is a good technique he's in front of other guys as they will be turned on and want what he has coz boys want what other boys have! And remember he's a human like everyone else so don't play with his heart! Just be careful though I don't want you to be hurt like I was for months :( but I hope this helps:)

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