Why do people use the word "love" so lightly?


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Good question. Don't say it unless ya mean it.
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Love is a concept to be understood, not a word to be defined.

Most people aren't sure about what it means exactly.

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In my opinion, its because they know so few words to describe emotions. There is "love" and there is "hate".

Think about it, if someone is describing how they feel about anything it is love or hate. "I love pizza, but I hate burgers." Nothing in between. No like or dislike or any other terminology. I just hate the way the English language is being abused! Lol

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I get what you mean (: but it can differ with food items and actually saying it to a person, right? Like if you say you love someone, you should mean it. c: Love and hate are powerful words. ... Thank you for your answer ^^
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Because they're clearly not in love.

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True.... we can see it from that context too. But nowadays people throw the word around too quickly and then later regret. :/

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