My 9 year old daughter loves girls more than boys when she is at school, she shows her knickers and a few other things to her best friend, she has also told me that they like to touch each other. Is this a normal thing to happen?


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Aubrey Henson Profile
Aubrey Henson answered
They are just curious! No worries, everyone goes through that phase sooner or later. Hope that helped you!
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Sarah Johnson answered
No it's not. If she were younger I would say she's being curious, if she were older I would say she is experimenting with her sexuality. At her age, she is old enough to know it's inappropriate. I would be afraid that some other girls have done this to her and she doesn't understand it, and this is her way of acting out. At her age it doesn't mean she 'likes' girls more than boys, it simply means that she has had some personally boundaries crossed and doesn't know how to respond other than to repeat what happened. She should have had the conversation with you about good touch and bad touch a long time ago. She should also have long ago learned appropriate modesty. Any psychologist I would know would be concerned about what older girls she might have encountered in the last while.

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