Okay What Are Fun SUMMER Things To Do With 12 Year Old Boys And Girls?


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Get them outside! At that age they have a lot of energy but can lack the confidence or motivation to get off their PlaysStations and try something new.

Summer is a great time to get them in to all kinds of activities because simply being outside is invigorating. Add to that an interesting activity and they will be entertained for hours.

You could take a picnic to the park and have your lunch sitting on the grass under the sun. If you live near the coast, head to the beach with your hamper. Don’t forget to take a ball. You don’t need to be a pro or even interested in sports to enjoy kicking or throwing a ball to each other.

You can play if there isare just two of you but there may be opportunities to get other kids of the same age involved which will help your boys and girls to interact with new people and build their confidence.

A walk is always a good idea but you can make it more interesting by taking a camera and asking the kids to take pictures of flowers and trees to decorate your home. Another way to get them walking would be to bake cakes or cookies and then suggest they hand-deliver them to their friends.

There are plenty of activities that you can do at all times of the year in your home that you can simply relocate to your garden in the summer. The children could learn to knit, bead some bracelets, read books or write poems in the yard.

Swimming is a great activity at any time of the year but in the summer, find an outdoor pool, a lagoon or the sea. If they prefer to stay out of the water, you could also take them fishing.

Similarly, the cinema is a popular choice for 12-year-olds but in the summer, you could find a drive-in movie theatre which could be a new experience for them.
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I'm Twelve so...
Give them facebook
Take them swimming
Take them shopping and let them pick something out
Take them on hikes or bike rides
Get them video games
Get them a computer
Let them do whatever they want but then check up on them. With no boundary's they'll come up with tons of ideas!
Go to the beach, Bring a packed lunch and some floater's (and a magazine for yourself)
Take them to the library
Bake something with them
Go Camping
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Kids laser tag is always a good option - there's a good place in London here: http://www.ultimaterecreation.co.uk/starcommand/laser-tag-london.asp

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Take them to the dollar store! It's good, cheap fun, and they can entertain them selves. Movie nights with your family are great too! Try arts and crafts. Create a board game with them out of poster board and markers. Then play it. They'll have to use their imagination to make their game original.
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I'm 12 and you can take them to arcades or amusement parks. Going to a zoo or a museum would also be fun. Or go to a big candy store or a video game store. Maybe you could go to the beach and have a sandcastle contest to see who can make the best one. Or you can have a barbecue or take them to see a new movie n theaters.
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I'm around that age and this is what I like to do:

1- Sleep in

2- Bake

3- Go to Hot Topic or FYE

4- Ride go-karts/quads/dirtbikes

5- Watch anime ( Like Naruto and Hetalia )

6- Get on an Xbox or PS3

7- Watch a movie like "That's my Boy"

Thats all!

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I find it curious that two of the 12-year-old kids on this page mentioned baking.

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If this wasn't an old question, I would have deleted all the 12 year olds as you have to be 13 and older to be on this site.
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I'm twelve myself and enjoy swimming, biking, scrap-booking, volleyball, shopping/garage sale 'n, and having movie nights with my family. If you run out of ideas, try checking the internet. I hope I helped.
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You could give them extra pocket money and let them stay up later. Let them go places with lots of friends so long as they have a mobile phone
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I'm a 12 year old girl but I'm a tomboy so this can go for both of them. Swimming is awesome go out to breakfast or lunch or dinner, go out for dessert too, um movies, if you live near a beach then that uh summer camps movie nights, pizza nights, sleepovers and you
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I have a 12  yr old son that is always saying he is so bored I feel so bad I would love to do something so fun for my son and his good friends
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Have a party for both of them together. A boy and girl party would be fun, and a good way to become less scared of the opposite gender.
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I'm 12 and somethings I like to do include:
Spending hours on facebook
texting my friends (to see how many texts I can send in one day)
going to the beach
going to the mall with my friends
buying my own clothes (not with my money)
being trusted to have some freedom
have/go to sleepovers
blindfolded makeovers
painting my nails 20 different colors
coming up with bets with my friends then losing its actually fun because we do things like dress up in a witch costume and walk around the park for 2 hours, things like that.
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I think you go swimming[ if they know how to swim,take them to children movies and go to anywhere they want to go.
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I'm 12 and you could ride your bikes to Starbucks and other places like ice cream places and other stuff. What about dressing up in your old play dresses or anything else and have a tea party. Take a bunch of photos!
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I'm a 12 yr old boy and I like going out to watch movies..swimming..or just hanging out you know. And if uu run out of ideas..check the internet!! HOPE I HELPED! ;]
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I am a 12 year old girl and here is what I want to do this summer:

Hang Out with friend
Go Swimming
Go to the Mall
Go Out to Lunch
See a Movie
Get a manicure and pedicure
Hang out at the beach
Visit a Museum
Go to a Baseball Game
Go to an Amusement Park
Visit a local big city for the day (ex: San Francisco, NYC, LA,, Boston, etc.)
Take a Vacation
Sleep In

Us 12 year old love to hang out with are friends, so anything involving friends is good!!!!
Good Luck!!!! :) :*) :o) :0
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Have a dance party
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Have you tried stopmotion animation (think Wallace & Gromit). I got a present of iKitMovie and it has saved my life this summer, what with all the rain. Anyway this software allows you to make cool animated movies with loads of sound effects and then upload them onto youtube. Check it out on ikitmovie.com and get some great ideas on stopmotioncentral.com.
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Go to the movies or diners.have them hang out with a bunch of friends and take them to pizza or something fun.
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I am 12 and my sister is visiting from Texas   And we went out side during a lightning/thunder/rain storm and had a hose fight. ^^ It was a lot of fun.
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You could swim watch movies go  to a park make a scrapbook sign up for a class cook have a picnic there is an endless list of things to do
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I'm a 12 year old girl and You could swim play spin the bottle umm laser tag water baloon fight
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I am 12yrs old girl and I seriously need help. Me and 2 of my friends are having a sleep over. First we are going to the persons place then we are going to do an activity and this is where I need help I don't know where to go I need help please.

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I am 11 us 11 year old girls love to do the following
hangout with our friends
text our friends
go iceskating with our friends and "guy friends"
go swimming with our buds
ride bikes
go to the beach with our friends
chill outside
listen to music
and of course we love to shop! Hope  I helped! :D
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I'm 11 and I would like to

go skateboarding
and go out on a date with my bf/boyfriend
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Hang with friends
do all sorts of suff
once I had a blind fold drawing contest we drew teddy bears
only two people can draw the rest vote on whose is better
it was really funny
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I'm 12 and I'm trying to find an idea to do something with my friends... They want to go swimming but I think the city pool is gross... I have a pool but I don't think I can invite TOO many... What do we do??

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