What Should I Do To Kiss My Teacher's Navel?


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Lucy Burroughs Profile
Lucy Burroughs answered
That’s a really odd question!

There’s no way that you’d be able to kiss your teacher’s navel without her knowing – not that you should even be trying – and she probably wouldn’t react very well if you attempted it.

In most places, it’s illegal for you to have that kind of a relationship with your teacher anyway (well, if you’re underage) and your teacher would probably lose her job if she let you kiss her – even if it was on the navel.

You should probably just keep these urges to yourself – by all means, fantasize about kissing her navel, but don’t actually do it!
Sydney McDonald Profile
Sydney McDonald answered
Wow, well first of all, why are you attempting to kiss your teacher's navel? Is your teacher a woman or man?

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