What Happens If My First Kiss Goes Wrong?


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Courtney Clamp answered
Try again, you can't expect the first time to be perfect.  I can tell you right now my first kiss was totally awkward I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing, I was nervous then but now its just something to laugh about.
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Look just don't fret, the more you fret, the more likely it is to go wrong.  And like to others said - practise make perfect!
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If it does go wrong just laugh it off and try again when your a teen it's mostly just a bit of fun!
Anyway it's natural you have to do it to get good and to get over the first fright you will have to do it! Hope This Helps! :D
Lady D Bell Profile
Lady D Bell answered
Then you shall try it again. Remember practice mean perfect.
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nettie answered
Nothing will happen and who is judging you on you kiss just do better the next time the best to you...
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Arthur Wright answered
Then learn from it and try again til you get it right just like learning how to do anything. No one is or was ever born a master so practice and don't quit
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I don't think its anything to worry about, just go with it, he will lead and you just follow its natural and most likey you wont do anything too drastic. Just enjoy it after all the first kiss is special

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