What Happen If Sperm Goes To Mouth?


17 Answers

Rena Chisholm Profile
Rena Chisholm answered
Well, she can't get pregnant that way and nothing will happen, but she might gag. LoL
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Nothing as this is what happens during oral sex
Eleanor jones Profile
Eleanor jones answered
Well no pregnancy will occur there thats for sure.
Jonathan Eastman Profile
Swallow it, spit it back onto his sexual organ and ejaculate him, spit it out. You are not going to die if you swallow it, so you can do pretty much anything if it goes in the mouth
nettie Profile
nettie answered
Now that you have made it public nothing happens unless you get a std in the mouth other than that you are known as nasty...and all the guys are looking for you so they may get a head job...the best to you
Jolene Blalock Profile
Jolene Blalock answered
Nothing, really. It just tastes yummy.
vicky raj Profile
vicky raj answered
Girl will be more sexy after drink your sperm and support in sex play more then before.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Thats nasty you talking about masturbation thats sick the sperm wont even go to your mouth dude thats sick

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