Does my ex still love me? Just the other night i was sneaking in his room. We cuddled and made out.. But the thing is he talks to other girls too... What do you think?


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Well, I kinda think if your ex still loved you, he'd be sneaking into YOUR room!....js.

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He is your ex for a reason. And why would he see other girls if he really loved you. Your answer is in your question

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Nope, sorry, it does not sound like your ex loves you at all.

If he's talking about other girls, it is possible that he's trying to make you jealous... But acting in this way, and playing these kind of mind games, is typical of a guy who wants the attention firmly on him, so it doesn't sound like he's got your feelings in mind.

In fact, there's a very good chance that his main objective is to have make out with or have sex with as many girls as possible.

And actually, this is pretty common behaviour. It is what guys are biologically programmed to do after all...

Does that mean you should forget about him? Yes, if what you really want is a proper relationship. But if that's not a high priority at the moment, and you just want to have a bit of fun then maybe continuing to see him is a great idea!

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My question is, why are you making out with your ex!! It's called an ex for a reason. I would ask him if he still cares about you. Tell him that you are willing to forget everything that happened before and start nice and slow to build up your relationship again, if not then move on.

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