Why Do Guys Ignore The Girl Especially The One Whom He Fancied? But Comes Back To Her After A Week.


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Steven Vakula answered
The guy could be shy as a lot of guys are and are not exactly sure how to act round pretty girls! So not to embarrass themselves and also to not immediately make you think they are a Dork they retreat until they develop a plan! The guy could be as Reemoz states but if he were I would think he would first attempt to get what he wanted then revert to that nature!
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Carley Fox answered
May be he just thought that he shouldnt act desperate. You know how they are. They don't like to be thought of as a perv' so they just back off a little, But they don't want to lay off you all together so eventually they will start working there way back into your life. Face it he loves you but he just doesnt know how to show it yet, give him time to see you through. To see what your interests are, and after time you's will be full on talking again. I guess its just the nature of guys and they will do what there going to do we just have to respect that.

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