My bf has cheated before we fixed it, lately he barely texts me never calls when he does talk to me it's 1 or 2 word texts now he just blocked me on Facebook he says nothing's wrong and I don't have to worry about losing him. What is happening?


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Danae Hitch answered

He has blocked you on Facebook. He hardly ever texts you; he doesn't call you. All signs are pointing to that he is over you and has moved on.

If you are holding onto his ankles and won't let go, you won't see who else is interested in you, because it's not him.

Don't hold onto to someone that isn't honest enough with you to let you go, that won't tell you what's going on, that won't talk to you about what they're feeling.

Don't settle. Look for someone that's worthy of your respect.

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Cookie Roma answered

1) how did you "fix it?" 

2) seems to me he is being very

    clear about what's going on. The issue seems to be your willingness to see it. 

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Four Palmz answered

He's not man enough to dump you.  You would be better off without him.  He's holding you back from better people and a better life.

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