we met in high school and it's been 2 years since I moved states In about 10 days I'm going to a pay him a visit but I get this text saying he is afraid of hurting me or the friendship we have so he says to visit him in the future but not right now?


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Cookie Roma answered

You asked this same basic question earlier.  You got some really good answers.  Perhaps if you tell us what you want us to say you can get the responses you're looking for.

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He is probably hiding something and that is why he doesn't want yo to visit. He could be afraid or ashamed of something. So just let him be until he is ready to share with you what that might be.

Frankly if I had a friend who asked me not to travel couple of states to visit them, I would probably stay away. Unless there is someone else you are visiting in the area, use your money to a trip somewhere else and have some fun!

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He may have a girlfriend.
He may be in the middle of a sex change.
Maybe he's actually gay.
Maybe he's having a severe acne breakout.
It could be one of a million reasons that he doesn't want to see you.

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