This Guy I Like Is A Player is what every1 told me & he asked me out & broke up with me after 2 hours & was all sweet the 1st hr but the other just Ignored me Is It Wrong That I Still Like Him... ALOT? & is it somthing that i did?


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No Taylor its nothing that you did, this guy is only interested in one person, himself, he will go through his entire life feeding off the emotions of others but will never truly give himself to another. I will assume that the guy in question is a handsome chap and he knows that members of the opposite sex will find him attractive, thus giving him to confidence that he can have anyone who takes his fancy, he will continually toy with peoples emotions whilst his own will remain unaffected. It will only be in his later life when his looks start to fade and his appeal to the female of the species starts to dwindle that he will begin to regret the way he has conducted himself, he will dwell on past relationships and wish he had acted differentky towards other people, one day along time from now he will remember you and he will be sorry for the way he has treated you but it will be too late because he will be a sad lonely old man with only his memories for company.
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NOOO there is nothing wrong with you, as your friends might have said, *He's a player* always goes after other people. The same thing happened, with my best friend, but it was the opposite, she liked him for a day, and so did he. But next day she realized, "What am I doing" and tried hard to break up with him, but he was a sweet, ok guy. He's also the one who asked her out, it was kinda akward for those two for like weeks, but then, then made up, and still became friends :D The End...

And it is not wrong you like him, or anything you did,some players, are jumpy, like some kids in my school ^ . ^ No... Just try your best to hangout with him, friends...etc. And maybe He'll ask you out again... :D


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