There is a guy at my school, I sent him a follow request on Instagram, he accepted then one day later blocked me, should I send him a message asking him why he blocked me? We don't really know each other we are just in the same school.


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If it is upsetting you that much, then ask him . Me? I would just block him back and forget about it-but if you would like to know then you will have to ask. Personally, I wouldn't ask, but my daughter... She would want to know and would ask. We really can't tell you what's best for you .

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*self conscious
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It depends on what kind of person he is. Some people are nice and some are not so nice . If it was me, I would tell you "I'm sorry I made a mistake because I wasn't sure who you were. I will unblock and follow ", ....but this person may not be like that. If it is really bothering you , you will have to ask or just let it go but you can always say "did I do something wrong you blocked me? If I did I did not mean to" ...or something like that. Sorry I am not more help :(
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I didn't do anything, I just requested a follow, few weeks later he accepted, I liked a few photos aaaaaaaand I'm blocked :(, I'm super curious to know why but it would be wierd asking someone you never talked to before "why did you block me?" But I guess that's the only way to find out. How should I word my message to not sound wierd?

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