Why Don't White Girls Like Asian (Oriental) Guys?


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Sometimes it is a matter of what you are exposed to. May not be the case with you, but maybe they are what you have been exposed to so you take them into consideration more. Don't give up if that is what you like, but keep your eyes open for other opportunities.
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Ever heard of Bruce Lee?
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Jacky Huynh
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Yes I have. I know he married a white lady. But the problem is, I'm in Canada :(
Things are different here.
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Some of them do. I can't think of a reason a white girl would not like an oriental guy.
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It's well-known that Asian guys wear glasses. Maybe white girls think Asian guys are gay because they wear glasses? Or maybe they think we eat dogs when we really don't? Well anyways thanks ma'am.
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Perhaps you have been rejected by a girl or some girls. It may not be because you are Asian. Why don't you try asking a trusted friend if there are any habits or behaviors that might cause you to be overlooked by any girls. I have seen some awesome looking Asian men who are fun to be with and don't seem to have a problem getting girls of any color. Are you fluent in English? Sometimes girls worry about the communication problems that may occur. Good Luck to you, I think you will find someone!
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I'm pretty fluent in English because I was born and raised in Canada. I've only mentioned Oriental Asian because here in Canada, Asian means Indian, Pakistani, etc. And I will ask a trusting friend if there's any behaviors or habits that cause me to be overlooked by girls. Yeah I hope I can find someone. If not in Canada, then I'll move to England.
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Who said they dont as to each his or her own. Besides just because one doesnt like it doesnt mean everyone is following

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