Are There Any Japanese Guys That Are Attracted To White Girls?


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I don't want to throw cold water over your desires, but if this was a question from a guy, saying he wanted to date Japanese girls, people would be very suspicious of his motives, and rightly so. My advice to you would be to have a look at a variety of Japaneses guys and you will quickly see that some of them are gorgeous, and some of them are repulsive, just like any other race of people. Some of them may fancy you, and some may not, just like white guys. Or any other colour or race.
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yes but some are not for the right reason so don't get ur hopes up
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a reply to you that's very true what you say... i don't think all Japanese people look like each other or have the same personality just like i don't think all white people look alike or have the same personality. i don't mean to be stereotype I'm looking for any Japanese and white guys who are nice and would find me attractive.
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I am a white girl and I am in a relationship with a Japanese guy. I also have an ex boyfriend who was Japanese. I have many friends who are Japanese, and have dated many different races I don't have a preference.

You just have to make the first move to talk to them and then things should work there way out. Many Japanese guys find white girls hot (Trust me on this).
But many of them think we don't find them attractive,

You'll find someone, just have to look in the right place.
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Yes who didn't know that

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