Why Are Men So Unpredictable. Can Anyone Answer That For Me?


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donna jackson answered
Men are generally unpredictable when they feel uncertain
about a situation or commitment, it is a survival mechanism to try to confuse the enemy. It is used very successfully in business. Of course in relationships this can be very annoying behaviour. It could be that the person is just very indecisive or is acting out because of stress or financial worries, so you need to consider that too.
Is the person unpredictable in all areas and with most people or just in intimate relationships, if this is the case,
it could be a sign of wanting to escape, but not wanting to confront the situation head on and hurt someone, or lose a friend. So maybe being unpredictable will cause them to give up the game and leave him alone.
Also consider, depending on the age, that he may be trying to impress friends or keep up with them,and what may seem, unpredicable to you, to him may be entirely logical and reasonable.
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Gillian Smith answered
People can be unpredicatable.
Men tend to argue that women don't tend to be logical! It's all part of the battle of the sexes.
A lot depends on the experiences you have had with men, this will  influence the way you see them.
If you've only had bad experiences or have only met men who seem unpredictable then you'll think all men are like this.
Not all men are unpredicatable, the majority are quite level, dependable people. It depends on the personalities of the men you meet.
Perhaps men don't understand women either because there is the old saying about it being a womans perogative to change her mind. This is probably based on men's experiences and the feeling that some women are unpredicatble too!

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