Are you your parents favorite kid?


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Nope...I was  what you would call the problem child..
My older sister was on the Honor roll, received academic awards while I was getting sent home from school and arrested for many different reasons..Fighting, skipping class, Selling merchandise at school, etc..
I'm sure if you ask my mother who was her favorite child she couldn't answer you upfront but inside her head we all know what she's thinking..My daughter of course...LoL!  That's sad but true..
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
Hahaha I wish!!! But I know they still live me though and they always will I love them too =)
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Adrian Masters answered
My sister died before I was born, so yes I was the favorite child. Lol. I was the only child.
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Arthur Wright answered
No way as  I was always the black sheep of 3 boys growing up, geting in everything I possibly could  and giving my parents gray and white hair, but they still loved me or at least I think they did
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No I was the baby and the only daughter. They made me think I was special growing up....but...they overprotected me and treated me like a numbskull. After I left home, mamma was scared to ask me questions cause her mindset was that I was competition and she didnt want NOT to be able to understand something that I was talking about. I never cared; but I could feel her tension. So I just tiptoed around her IF I had to be there. She died in 2003 so now it's Daddy; but, we aren't near as close as we once were. It's hard to tolerate his sermons that NEVER change and do NOT pertain to me but he thinks they do. He can only talk about the past, whores and casinos. ...none of which are my topics of discussion. I just wonder how I came from that family.

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